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Penguin Books

(as part of the D&AD New Blood Shift Programme 2021)


We were given 6 hours to come up with a concept that introduces 14-18 year olds to Penguin Books, and encourages them to read out of choice.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Pitch Deck Design, Strategy


Research has found that 65 percent of the general population are visual learners, but even while seeing and hearing content it’s still hard to figure out what’s a real story and what’s fake news.


A theory by George Loewenstein states that whenever someone perceives that there is a gap between what they know and what they would like to know, it triggers some kind of emotional response.


Once this uncomfortable feeling of deprivation is triggered you’ll do as much as possible to reduce or eliminate this feeling by searching for that missing information.


That’s exactly why you find it hard to ignore clickbait. 


Our clickbait led campaign aims to spark curiosity in young readers and recommend books to each other through social platforms. Is it real news or is it the plot of an exciting new book?


(PART 1) Instagram

Among the 13-17 year old age group, Instagram is the second most popular social media platform, used by 72% of people. Whilst the client does have a presence on Instagram, we noticed that engagement was low, and saw this as an opportunity to increase visibility within our target age group.

Our clickbait-led campaign will translate well to the platform, and we will utilise the interactive story features to boost engagement. 

Shift_1056 copy_edited_edited.jpg

(PART 2) TikTok

There is a popular trend on TikTok of users sharing 'Storytime' videos, often about extraordinary events that they have experienced or witnessed. We plan to use the #StoryTime hashtag to reach the large audience of young people who already engage with this type of content, drawing them into the story before revealing that it is the plot of a Penguin plublished novel.


I designed our pitch deck to be in-line with Penguin's brand identity, whilst reflecting the fun, modern style that is key to our campaign and appealing to our target demographic. 


To align with adidas' brand identity, I used a pared back colour palette throughout our assets & accompanying pitch deck.

Navy Chalk 


Penguin Orange


Soft Blue


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